Curriculum - The Arts

The focus for Semester 1 is Visual Arts. During this time, students will have the opportunity to create artworks from a range of different media. They will also be exposed to various techniques and draw inspiration from some of history’s greats as well as current influential artists.

To give the budding artists of North Tom Price Primary School a sense of ownership within their creative space, each class created a piece of name art with a different style. The style of each student’s work will pave the way for a larger feature piece of art throughout the semester. Some of the name art featured wax resist in warm and cool colours, blended oil pastels, zentangle patterning and embossed foil.

Semester 1 Snapshot:

Name Art: Wax resist, oil pastel, kaleidoscope symmetry, Roy Lichtenstein inspired POW names, warm and cool ripple names, zentangle and embossed foil.

Piet Mondrian Inspired Hearts (Valentines Day)

Collaborative art, one piece created by all students in one or more classes: Wassily Kandinsky inspired concentric circles, bold bubbles, dazzling dandelions and MC Escher inspired tessellations.

Take a stand Art (Bullying. No Way! Day)

Romero Britto Inspired Hearts (Harmony Day)

Hairy Art (Crazy Hair Day)

Nature Art: Eric Carl influenced landscapes and birds, leaf impressions, symmetrical bugs and insects, weavings and mandalas.


We have a busy semester ahead and look forward to showing off some of our completed works during Open Morning.


Leah Keane

The Arts Specialist


Embossed Name Plaques. Room 3, Year 4/5