Our Students - Room 14 - Miss Courtney

Kindergarten – Room 14

The Kindergarten is a safe and supportive environment that builds their social competencies and emotional development through play-based learning. Our aim is for every child to create positive friendships in class as well as in the playground.

Miss Courtney is our teacher on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and we are lucky to have Ms Colleen Maguire as our Education Assistant each day as well. We also have Miss Marris on a Wednesday who integrates History/ Geography and Science into our program.

We also have the following:

Library: Thursday/ Friday with Mrs Simone Pes

Physical Education: Wednesday with Miss Katrina Shrewsbury

We work with Fremantle Language Development Centre in delivering the Words, Grammar & Fun Program. This is a program is used to develop children’s Semantic knowledge (words and meanings) and their Grammar (sentence structure and use of words). We use this program each morning.

We also follow the Promoting Literacy Development (PLD – Diana Rigg) program each day. This program focuses on oral language as well as fine motor skills (pre-writing and pencil grip). In Kindergarten we will also focus on name writing, concept of print and expressing ideas through a number of ways.

Throughout our mathematics program we encourage the children through play based and hands on experiences. Our main focus over the year is counting principles, number recognition, number formation, recognising and naming shapes, recognising and continuing patterns, matching and sorting items and understanding and using positional language.

We are very excited to have a fun filled year in the Kindergarten class!