Our Students - Room 3 - Mrs Grant and Mrs Valentine

 Welcome to Room 3

This year, Room 3 are very fortunate to have two class teachers – Mrs Grant Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and Mrs Valentine on Tuesday. Our teachers work in close collaboration (alongside the other middle and upper primary teachers) to ensure that all Year 4/5 curriculum areas are covered and that our week is jam-packed and full of learning!!!

Our class is a great group of Year 4s and Year 5s who take good care of each other. Below is a brief list of some of the things we have covered so far:

  • Daily multi-sensory spelling sessions on our individualised spelling targets
  • Using the Smart Board for games such as Place Value Pirates, scratch activities and grammar and punctuation tasks
  • Immersing ourselves in the plot, character and setting of ‘The Iron Man’
  • Using our Problem-Solving books to solve real-life Maths problems and to foster perseverance when faced with challenge
  • Following our whole-school Maths program, Stepping Stones to learn about place value and other properties of number
  • Mathletics, Reading Eggs and Paul Swan games and activities
  • Starting our Protective Behaviours, Virtues and Technologies programs
  • Lots of work on demonstrating good manners
  • Swimming lessons


Mrs Grant & Mrs Valentine